Commerce and manufacturing facility, Druzhba, Sofia


Starting Price: € 1,450,000

The building is situated in Sofia, Druzhba residential district, Spisarevski street. 


The facility has a very communicative location - nearby residential buildings, offices, public transportation stops. Only 150 meters away is the newly constructed stop of Sofia's subway line which will lead to Sofia airport.   


The entity has a yard of 5600 square meters. The building’s TBA is as follows: level -1(-2.60m.): 1048 square meters; level +1(0m.): 1618 square meters; level +2 +3.70m.: 882 square meters.


The place is secured by a massive fence and has all necessary communications. The building has its own parking lot, video and security surveillance, its own electricity substation.


The building’s flexibility allows for its use as a big establishment such as a commerce chain, a big restaurant, an office building, or manufacturing purposes.


There are no debts, obligations or mortgages associated with the facility. 


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