Spirits and high level alcohol beverages manufacturing facility

Type: Tender with a starting price

Starting Price: € 1,200,000

The facility for ethyl alcochol (spirits) and alcohol beverages production has been set in operation in 2002. It is situated in the industrial zone of Sliven city, Bulgaria, 100km away from the Bourgas Port and the border with Turkey and Greece.


The factory is a licensed producer of ethyl alcohol (spirits) and alcohol beverages: vodka, gin, grain alcohol beverages.

It is also licensed as bonded warehouse.


The technology allows spirits manufacturing both from grain (wheat, corn etc,) and molasses. The capacity of the rectification installation is 5000 liters for 24 hours.

The bottling capacity is up to 2 000 bottles per hour.

The free production and warehouse space allows for significant capacity increase.


The plot overall area is 25 000 square meters, from which 10 000 square meters are built, including the production and warehouse areas, workshops, garages, etc. 


The facility has all necessary infrastructure and has excellent logistic access.


The licences are being kept valid and active, nevertheless the company is not a going concern.


The factory can be potentially restructured for  bioethanol, any kind of beverage and food production, or can be turned into a logistics center.

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