Development Opportunity near Sofia

Type: Free Sale

Starting Price: €40/sq.m.


Sofia is a uniquely situated European capital. Vitosha Mountain rises at the outskirts of the city, surrounding it from the south, leaving its distinctive mark on the Sofia climate and giving the cozy feeling of “being guarded”.


Vitosha Mountain is the shelter of the high-end residential quarters allowing their owners to enjoy the proximity to the city and at the same time the tranquil surrounding and healthy microclimate of the mountain.



We present a unique and beautiful 50 000 sq.m. (12,35 acres) development plot of natural sunny oak forest just 25 min. drive from Sofia on the southern sunny slopes of the mountain, ideal for residential development.




The plots are bordering the Rudartzi village area well known for its mild climate and mineral water springs.


The proximity to the city gives undisputable advantages. Since 2011 the location is much more favorable due to the opening of the Liulin highway.





The regulation characteristics (dimensions) of the regulated plot allows up to appr. 56 000 sq.m. (appr. 600 000 sq.ft) total build up area and are as follows:


Density:      60%


KINT:           1.2


Height:        10 m. (3 floors)





Excellent access from international road E 79 (2,0 km.) and Liulin highway.



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